About Albany MenShed

Albany MenShed:
is a non-profit incorporated community organisation that was established in 2007.
offers the opportunity for men to share their life experiences with others, through the development of appropriate social networks.
co-ordinates a range of regular hands-on activities developed in consultation with AMS members.
is accessible and inclusive for all males in our community.
provides a safe, friendly meeting place run by men which respects the varying needs and contributions of its Members.
Rules of Association
Blue trees are a symbol to stand strong like a tree and branch or reach out to someone you trust or a health professional, hotline or other reputable resource for help.
Click Here for more information about The Blue Tree Project

Our Values

Albany MenShed is committed to:

Providing a safe, friendly meeting place
Respecting varying needs and contributions of its members
Being accessible and inclusive for all members of our community
Honouring men in their key roles of father, partner and community member

As a member:

I will treat everyone with respect. I value fairness, independence and generosity of spirit as dearly as mateship. I will help to support the health and wellbeing of all members and I will work as a team to be a valuable contributor to our local community

Our Mission

Albany MenShed provides the opportunity for members to:

Enjoy a safe and friendly environment
Make friends
Learn and share skills
Contribute to each other and to their communities
Participate in activities organised by the MenShed.
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