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Men’s Sheds are a modern version of the shed in the backyard that has long been a part of the Australian culture. Traditionally, this is where men retreat to when they need time to themselves so they can think and / or create.


Albany MenShed provides opportunity for men to contribute to each other and to their communities through learning, sharing skills, making friends and participating in MenShed projects.


Many men may not have the resources or skills to set up their own shed. Albany Menshed can provide an opportunity to use a variety of equipment, learn new skills and expand your network of friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common questions asked. Of course you can always drop in and have a chat or if you prefer, see our contact page to help with your enquiry.

How Can I Join?

Come to the shed during opening times, introduce yourself. You can attend as a visitor a few times before committing to become a member. If you would prefer, phone one of our contacts and arrange to meet them at a designated time.

Do I need a skill to join?

No you don’t. We all have something unique to offer, even if it is only the ability to listen.

Can Men without health problems join?

Menshed is about awareness of Men’s health issues and dealing with them before they become a major health problem.

Is Menshed just for older men?

Definitely not. The involvement of younger men is imperative if technical and life skills are to be passed on in a Community. Younger people can also provide stimulation to older men as they pass on their skills and experiences.

Take The Tour

A walk around the Albany Menshed. 

Albany Menshed provides an opportunity to use a variety of equipment, learn new skills and expand their network of friends. 


77 Sanford Road
(Behind the PCYC Building)
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Tuesday: 8AM - 1PM
Thursday: 8AM - 1PM
Saturday: 8AM - 1PM
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